immunoelectron microscopic method中文意思是什麼

immunoelectron microscopic method解釋

  • immunoelectron: 免疫電子
  • microscopic: adj. 1. (像)顯微鏡的。2. 用顯微鏡可見的;微觀的;極微的(opp. macroscopic)。adv. -ically 1. 用顯微鏡。 2. 極微。
  • method: n 1 方法,方式;順序。2 (思想、言談上的)條理,規律,秩序。3 【生物學】分類法。4 〈M 〉【戲劇】...

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  1. Protocol of diagnostic method for leucocytozoosis - microscopic examination

  2. Facing the fact that there are significant differences between the tribological performances of the material surface under microscopic and macroscopic conditions and little research has been made in this respect, a measurement method for the micro - tribological performances of the material surface was suggested and a special apparatus was developed

  3. On the other hand, through immunoelectron microscopic array, we could find out the quality and quantify of neural transmitters, which contributes to discuss the law of neural activity

  4. Thickness testing method of the metal deposits and conversion coatings for the light industrial products. metallographic microscopic method

  5. Testing of textiles ; cotton fibre maturity ; determination of the percent maturity ; microscopic method using a polarisation microscope