impatiens walleriana中文意思是什麼

impatiens walleriana解釋

  • impatiens: n. 【植物;植物學】鳳仙花屬 (Impatiens) 植物。

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  1. The material of this study is a new species - cardamine hupingshanesis, found by lin - hang liu and ke - ming liu professors of hunan normal university. its karyotype was analyzed and molecular evolutions of five species, c. hupingshanesis ( hup, about 1300m sea level ), c. griffithii ( gri, about 1500m sea level ), c. impatiens ( imp about 600m sea level ), c. hirsute ( hir, about 200m sea level ) and c. scutata ( scu, about 200m sea level ) were studied. on the basis of moiphological studies, phylogenetic trees were constructed by its sequences and then the phylogenetic relations of hup and four other species were discussed

    本文以湖南師范大學劉林翰、劉克明老師發現的十字花科碎米薺屬( cardamine )一新種? ?壺瓶碎米薺( cardaminehupingshanesisl . h . liu , hup ,海拔1300m左右)為實驗材料,對其核型作初步分析;並結合該新種同屬同組(碎米薺組, sect . cardamine )但生長在海拔不同的四個種? ?大葉山芥碎米薺( cardarminegriffithii , gri ,海拔為1500m左右) 、彈裂碎米薺( cardamineimpatiens , imp ,海拔為600m左右) 、碎米薺( cardaminehirsute , hir ,海拔為200m左右)和圓齒碎米薺( cardaminescutata , scu ,海拔為200m左右)進行了分子系統學研究。
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