impressed area中文意思是什麼

impressed area解釋

  • impressed: 被某類事務所感染
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  2. 64 the most painful part of the process will pass in a couple of minutes, after which the area will feel abuzz with electricity and warmth

  3. Area sales support teams, key account sales support and technical support officer

  4. Units : percentage of total land area at risk of acidification exceedance

  5. In 1896, a japanese man named mr. hirata came to peitou to recover from illness. impressed by the area s combination of lovely scenery and hot springs, he built peitou s first bath - house, the tengu cabin, on the opposite bank of the peitou creek from the site now occupied by the peitou hot springs museum