improve subjective symptoms中文意思是什麼

improve subjective symptoms解釋

  • improve: vt 1 改良,改善,增進。2 利用,活用。3 增高(土地等的)價值。vi 變好;增加,升值。 The situation ...
  • subjective: adj. 【哲學】主觀的 (opp. objective ); 【語法】主格的。n. 【語法】主格。adv. -ly
  • symptoms: 病徵

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  1. Loperamide is helpful for symptoms of urgency and frequency but may exacerbate abdominal pain and discomfort. antispasmodic and tricyclic antidepressant drugs improve pain, whereas ispaghula improves pain and bowel habit

  2. By massage, it can adjust incretion system function, recover automomic nervous system function, so as to improve the body or some symptoms

  3. To prevent and suppress terrorist network, it is essential to treat symptoms and to understand and to terrorist networks ; improve legislation and responsibilities ; protection targets ; strengthening international cooperation ; with advanced technology and unique autonomous intellectual property rights ; establish a monitoring system and rapid reaction force ; train a large number of outstanding reserve talent

  4. Study, research and practice in the important thought of " three delegates " not only understood as a kind of theory system, but also should be grasped its wealth of science method and put into practice, in order to improve the subjective and objective world

  5. In addition, the work status, subjective deficits symptoms and type of treatment program were uses as predictors of the total quality of life