impulse telemeter中文意思是什麼

impulse telemeter解釋

  • impulse: n. 1. 沖動;【物理學】沖量;推進力;脈沖,【醫學】沖動,搏動。2. 鼓舞,刺激;一時高興,興奮。vt. 推動。
  • telemeter: n. 1. 遙測計[儀],遙測發射器。2. 測遠儀,測深儀,測距儀。vt. ,vi. 遙測;用遙測發射器傳送。 data telemetered from a spaceship 從太空船傳來的數據。

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  1. For example, outside the afferent nerve fiber in week nerve passes into sensory information centre, the instruction information that efferent nerve fiber issues centre spreads effect implement, convey with the form of nerve impulse, and the biology report that nerve impulse calls behavioral potential one kind namely changes, it is the mark of nerve excitement

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  3. Nim controlled an impulse to snap back angrily.

  4. Cold and derisive her queer female mind stood apart, and though she lay perfectly still, her impulse was to heave her loins, and throw the man out, escape his ugly grip, and the butting over - riding of his absurd haunches. his body was a foolish, impudent, imperfect thing, a little disgusting in its unfinished clumsiness

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