incentive reductions中文意思是什麼

incentive reductions解釋

  • incentive: adj 刺激性的,鼓勵性質的。 incentive pay (增產)獎金。 be incentive to further study 鼓勵進一步...
  • reductions: 歸約式

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  1. Under the incentive of the civil - market demanding such as laser material processing and the military - market demanding such as a new generation of laser weapon candidate and icf, diode - pumped solid laser ( dpsl ) develops rapidly worldwide. as an important application, diode - pumped intracavity - frequency - doubled laser is attached much importance in recent years, but there still remain many problems unresolved completely. in this paper, i have given some abecedarian study results on some of these problems theoretically and experimentally

    因工業激光材料加工等民用市場的需求以及慣性約束聚變和作為新一代激光武器候選器件等軍方需求的推動,國際上高功率二極體泵浦固體激光器( dpsl )的研究進展迅速,作為dpsl的一個重要應用,內腔倍頻一直得到大家的重視,但仍有許多未徹底解決的問題和理論上的不完備之處,本論文擬對其中的一些問題作一初步的理論和實驗研究。
  2. Cyanide reductions to only 695-750 mg/l have been reported, before heavy scaling at the anode prevented further electrolysis.

  3. The economic reform involved delicensing of some industries, abolishing qrs, disinvestment in public sector and some other liberalization in external sector and bank sector. accompanied by the economic reform, positive effects have been made and incentive system has been created. economic situation has been improved rapidly

  4. Thus this thesis makes a detailed analysis on the above problems in order to solve them. through questionnaires and interviews, the paper analyses the recognition degree of the company ’ s stimulation measures and the degree of the employees ’ satisfaction as well as their incentive factors. we reach the conclusion that the staffs ’ urgent incentive factors are high income, the equability of performance assessment and allocation, and the opportunity of study as well

  5. The ideological functions of the important thought of " three represents " are to save costs of masses ' identifying with the legitimacy of our party, to overcome free rider of some cadres, to reduce the incentive costs to party members and cadres and strengthen incentive to party members and cadres, to debase supervisory and educational costs to party members and cadres and to reduce frictional costs between cadres and masses