incestuous share dealing中文意思是什麼

incestuous share dealing解釋

  • incestuous: adj. 亂倫的;犯亂倫罪的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • share: n 1 一份;份兒,2 份額;分配額;分擔量。3 股;股份。4 〈pl 〉〈主英〉股票。vt 1 均分;均攤;平分...
  • dealing: n. 1. 待遇;處置。2. (對人的)行為,舉動。3. 〈pl. 〉 生意,交易;交際。4. 紙牌的分發。

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  1. Psychologists are dealing with the problem of maladjusted adolescence and "juvenile delinquency".

  2. We will also co - organise cross - department sessions for departmental managers. the objective of the sessions is to provide an opportunity for participants to share their experience in dealing with integrity issues that are of common concern.

  3. The net asset value per share of the fund as at the relevant dealing day will be used as the issue price and realisation price of the fund, i. e. no bid ask spread will be involved

  4. In 2003, the corporation entered the share of seasky netjoy co., ltd., and achieved a tactic cooperative dealing with it

  5. The script is drawn up with the knowledge and experiences of health professionals in the elderly health service of the department of health and carers of elders suffering from dementia. some of these carers also appear in the film in person to share their experience and tips on caring for the demented and dealing with the distressing situations, so as to encourage other carers to face such situations in the positive way, and to seek help from professionals whenever necessary. through this film, it is hoped that the general public, especially family members of carers, can know more about dementia, and show concern and support to the carers, so as to reduce their stress in caring for the demented and improve the quality of care to the elders