indeterminable losses中文意思是什麼

indeterminable losses解釋

  • indeterminable: adj. 1. (問題、爭執)不能決定的,不能解決的。2. 無法確定的,不能查明的。adv. -bly
  • losses: 敗場

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  1. Alackaday, this cave in accident, the deaths and losses could be prevented and avoided if necessary measures where timely adopted

  2. Her them march the guilds and trades and trainbands with flying colours : coopen, bird fanciers, millwrights, newspaper canvassers, law scriveners, masseurs, vintners, trussmakers, chimney sweeps, lard refiners, tabinet and poplin weavers, farriers, italian warehousemen, church decorators, bootjack manufacturers, undertaken, silk mercers, lapidaries, salesmasters, corkcutters, assessors of fire losses, dyers and cleaners, export bottlers, fellmongers, ticketwriters, heraldic seal engravers, horse repository hands, bullion broken, cricket and archery outfitters, riddlemakers, egg and potato factors, hosiers and glovers, plumbing contractors. after them march gentlemen of the bed chamber black rod, deputy garter gold stick, the master of hone, the lord great chamberlain, the earl marshal, the high constable carrying the sword of state, saint stephen s iron crown, the chalice and bible

  3. Those who gambled on the “ carry trade ” may decide to cut their losses

  4. A year ago gm was making record losses, closing plants and slashing its workforce

  5. Tax payers have the right to apply for compensation for the losses incurred to them due to improper measures of compulsory execution