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  • indirect: adj. 1. 間接的,第二手的;迂迴的;曲折的。2. 不直截了當的,不坦率的,不誠實的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • template: n. 1. =templet. 2. 【計算機】模板。
  • theory: n. 1. 理論,學理,原理。2. 學說,論說 (opp. hypothesis)。3. 推測,揣度。4. 〈口語〉見解,意見。

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  1. This thesis points out that those five countries mentioned above have " citizen lawsuit " legal provision, which is based on environmental right. group lawsuit is or going to be the important form of environmental lawsuit. in order to lighten the sufferers " cause and effect testimony - offering responsibility, those countries confess in their legal precedent or legislation the theory of probability, medical cause, effect and indirect disproof, and implement the invert testimony - offering responsibility or shifting principle

  2. In the calculation, we found that indirect exchange of rare earth ion has vital function on the calculation of magnetization and magneto - optical properties. there is some difference between the calculated data and the theoretical data using the current theory

  3. The author has a theory analysis on registration and its limitations, and then provides two schemes, one is manual registration and the other is automatic registration. in the automatic registration, the template registration is selected to deliver the automatic global registration. and the similarity measurement is based on the histogram " entropy of differences - based measures which makes the registration to be robust and efficient for real - time digital subtraction

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  5. The design of computer aided innovation system based on template theory