induction crucible furnace中文意思是什麼

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  • induction: n 1 引入,誘發,誘導(作用)。2 【邏輯學】歸納法,歸納推理 (opp deduction)。3 就職,就職典禮;...
  • crucible: n. 1. 坩堝;熔罐。2. 很嚴酷的考驗。
  • furnace: n. 1. 爐子;熔爐;高爐。2. 極熱的地方。3. 磨煉;艱難。vt. 在爐中燒熱(金屬)。

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  1. The theory basis of selecting the equipment is found by calculating the medium frequency induction hrating furnace and onatching equipment in 125mn drop press production line

  2. We possess accurate processing equipments, such as hydrogen making equipment, reducing furnace, isocratic press machine, 500t capacity hydraulic machine, intermediate frequency induction furnace, high or low temperature fritting durance and forging equipment, which forms whole production line

    公司擁有制氫裝置、系列制粉還原爐、等靜壓力機、 500噸油壓機、中頻感應爐、高低溫燒結爐、鍛造設備及精密加工設備。
  3. Medium frequency coreless induction furnace

  4. Some basic knowledge of recarburizing agents for induction furnace melting

  5. Abstract : this paper introduces the choice and ramming of the refractories for the 12 t induction channel furnace , which is one of the import production facilities for producing “ oxygen free ” copper wire by upward - leading continuous casting. the cost of home - made refractories is only 1 / 5 1 / 8 of that of import one. it is of benefit to all similar import furnaces that the domestic refractiones were successfully rammed and used

    文摘:介紹了引進無氧銅桿上引法生產線中12t有芯感應爐爐襯耐火材料的選用和砌築工藝;運行狀況良好,整個材料費僅為進口同類材料的1 / 5 1 / 8 ;該熔銅爐爐襯的成功砌築和使用,為其他同類爐子爐襯耐火材料的國產化提供了範例。