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  • relay: n 1 接替的馬;驛馬;接替的狗;(備有接替馬匹的)旅館。2 接替;接替人員;補給供應。3 分程遞送;傳...
  • system: n 1 體系,系統;分類法;組織;設備,裝置。2 方式;方法;作業方法。3 制度;主義。4 次序,規律。5 ...

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  1. The tdrss ( tracking and data relay satellite system ) is a system which can supply the data relay and tt & c ( telemetry tracking and command ) service for the aircraft which are low and middle earth orbit and other aircrafts, aircraft and earth station

    跟蹤與數據中繼衛星系統tdrss ( trackinganddatarelaysatellitesystem )是為中、低軌道的航天器與航天器之間、航天器與地面站之間提供數據中繼、連續跟蹤與軌道測控服務的系統。
  2. In verifying of relay protection sensitivities, a network portioning method combining with graphic interface is proposed. it can online track the varieties of network, accordingly it can satisfy real - time and emulation analysis of topological configuration. with the real - time network configuration and nodal admittance matrix analyzed, the short - circuit calculation is carried out ; by means of an expert system, the verification of protection sensitivities has been achieved

  3. Topics discussed included the progress in windshear alerting service, amendment 72 to icao annex 3, re - organization of airspace in the south china sea, the annual survey on services provided by the hong kong observatory, world area forecast system wafs transition matters, the launch of broadband amids and the progress on automatic dependent surveillance controller pilot data link communication ads cpdlc and aircraft meteorological data relay amdar. fig. 15 meeting on aviation weather services with air traffic management bureau, civil aviation administration of china, 12 november 2001, beijing

    會上討論多項議題,包括風切變警告服務的最新進展國際民用航空組織icao附件3須作出的第72號修訂中國南海空域的重組天文臺的周年服務意見調查世界航空區域預報系統wafs過渡事宜推出寬頻航空氣象資料發送系統amids ,以及自動從屬監視系統飛行員管制員數據鏈通訊ads cpdlc和飛機氣象數據下傳amdar計劃的最新進展。
  4. Information net is a system that is composed of the information relay system and information increasing system

  5. With the scale of social production extends and the production horizontal exalts, the electricity control technique and the hydraulic technique all develop very quickly. electricity control technique developed from the relay system to the direct digit control ( ddc ) system the disperse control system ( dcs ) to the fieldbus control system ( fcs ). the modem hydraulic control technique have developed to a complete automation which include of transmit control testing computer technique, and gradually turn to the digit control and full - automatic control

    隨著社會生產規模的擴大、生產水平的提高,電氣控制技術和液壓技術都在非常迅速的發展。電氣控制從繼電器控制系統發展到直接數字控制( ddc )系統、集散控制系統( dcs )到目前的現場總線控制系統( fcs ) 。現代的液壓傳動及控制技術已發展成一門集傳動、控制、檢測、計算機一體化的完整的自動化技術,並逐步趨向數字控制和全自動化。