infinite classical group中文意思是什麼

infinite classical group解釋

  • infinite: adj (opp finite)1 無限的,無窮的,廣大無邊的。2 無數的,許許多多的。3 【語法】非限定的,不受人...
  • classical: adj. 1. (文藝等)古典的,傳統的,權威的;古典文學的;古典語文的;古希臘[古羅馬]的;古典主義的,經典的。2. 人文科學的,文科的。3. =classic 1. adv. -ly
  • group: n 1 群;批,簇。2 集團,團體,小組。3 【化學】基,團,組;(周期表的)屬,族。4 (雕塑等的)群像...

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  1. Methods in evaluating integrals, some complex variable methods, infinite series, special function, ordinary differential equations, vector and materials, groups and group representations

  2. In addition to classical music, the group s eclectic repertoire also includes folk songs from different parts of the world, as well as jazz, bossa nova, pop, and film music

  3. The second group is chen s pictorial interpretation of ting s classical poems. the third group of paintings represents landscapes and birds in the brush manner of au ho - nien. the fourth group consists of two drawings that display the breathtaking scenery of the hkust campus

  4. The best - mown cultura1 relics include taishi tower, shaoshi tower and qiii111tower of the eastern han dynasty 二 the oldest temple towers currently preserved in china, songyue temple pagoda of the northern wei dynasty, the oldest buddhist pagoda currently preserved in china, astronomical observatory of the yuan dynasty ; the oldest astronomical observatory currently preserved in china, shaolin temple, the first famous temple under the sun, shaolin pagoda forest, the biggest ancient pagoda forest currently preserved in china, zhongyue temple, the largest group of ancient architectures among the five sacred mountain temples ; songyang academy of classical learning, one of the four ancient academies of classical learning in china

  5. A proof that any row - column - finite infinite matrix over a sfield is normal equivalent with an unique classical form is given