adj. 形容詞 流入的;能流動的。
n. 名詞 1. 流入。
2. 流入物;流體,液體。
3. 支流。
4. 【生態】一種生物對其他生物的影響。


    1. The second part summarizes the service quality of customer aesthesia. the part recommends the definition of the service quality of customer aesthesia, the composition, and recommends the framework of disparity, the influent factors and the method of appraising

    2. The most influent factors of the look of the face are related to tusk prominence, bailer, and lip

    3. The situation and policy analyses for health insurance of influent population in shenzhen city

    4. The higher concentration of extracellular calcium could influent the stability of microtubules in protoplast. mts in the protoplasts would depolymerize when the extracellular calcium concentration was rising up to lommoi / l. the intercellular washing fluid ( iwf ) of wheat - leaf rust fungus interaction which contains elicitor were used as stimulator to interact with the protoplast of cv

      試驗結果表明,在小麥葉肉細胞原生質體中,微管骨架呈網路狀分佈於整個細胞質中;胞外較高的ca ~ ( 2 + )濃度對微管骨架的穩定性有影響,在本試驗系統中當胞外ca ~ ( 2 + )達到10mmol / l時,微管骨架即開始發生解聚。
    5. Influent flow is then reversed at determined time intervals and the separation process repeated for the opposite end of the module, allowing further uninterrupted filtration