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  • infrared: adj 【物理學】紅外線的;紅外區的;產生紅外輻射的;對紅外輻射敏感的。 an infrared detector 【軍事...

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  1. Infrared video target detection and tracking system plays a great role in the field of digital image processing, and is widely used in civil and military affairs

  2. Innovation of the aero maintenance system based on augmented reality ( ar ) technology and eye tracking technology, which can give real - time instruction for maintenance, is vital for enhancing the accuracy of maintenance and reducing the cost of maintenance. in the paper, the study work include 3 sections, as following : firstly, deducing 3d registration algorithm based on markers, depicting the display and 3d display technologies of artificial matters, and realizing 3d registration function specifically ; secondly, establishing an eye - movement measurement system based on the infrared television method, making use of the thoughts of ranks superimposition to withdraw the pupil center coordinates, and giving the thaught of recombining the position relation of purkinje spot to determine the eye sight direction primarily ; finally, describing the basic theory of augmented reality maintenance guiding system in detail, and introducing the software function and hardware frame, which will provide the foundation for the further study of this system

    本文的研究工作主要包括以下三個部分:首先,改進了有標志點的三維注冊演算法,並具體實現了三維注冊功能,最後試驗驗證了注冊演算法的正確性,為將來基於無標志點的發動機維修誘導系統的研究提供基礎和實踐經驗;其次,描述了基於紅外電視法的視線跟蹤系統的基本原理,對眼動信號處理技術做了初步的研究,即利用了行、列疊加的思想提取了瞳孔中心坐標和普爾欽( purkinje )斑點的坐標,闡述了結合瞳孔中心與普爾欽( purkinje )斑點的位置關系進行初步判定視線方向的方法;最後,詳細描述了所構建的增強現實維修誘導系統的基本原理、軟硬體框架,為今後維修誘導系統的深入研製提供基礎。
  3. The research of response wave band for conventional projectiles detecting and tracking by using infrared focal plane sensor

  4. A simulation of an imaging infrared guidance missile tracking a airplane is described. the dynamic images are produced by programming and are merged with real background ir images which were recorded by infrared camera. the merged images simulate the scene ' s infrared image at the entrance of real seeker

  5. Angle - only asynchronous target tracking with infrared stations