inserted tooth broach中文意思是什麼

inserted tooth broach解釋

  • inserted: adj. 【生物學】著生的。
  • tooth: n (pl teeth)1 牙齒。2 齒狀突出,輪齒,鋸齒,耙齒(等)。3 嗜好。4 〈常 pl 〉(像牙齒那樣能咬人...
  • broach: n 1 鐵叉,烤肉叉。2 尖塔,(塔上)尖閣。3 【機械工程】三角錐;鉆頭;擴孔器;拉刀;(石工用的)寬...

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  1. The sands [grits] in the cooked rice made my tooth ache.

  2. A full backpack was not enough, i needed to hung a tent, a dampproof mat, a matting outside my backpack, and a most professional alpenstock and a spider inserted outside my backpack agley, and hung a aluminium water bottle made in spain at backpack belt at my front chest

  3. His tooth gave another red-hot jounce.

  4. The rest of the shell is then rolled towards the tooth in an anticlockwise direction, in order to remove it

  5. Milling cutters mounted on centring arbors having a 7 24 taper - part 2 : inserted tooth cutters

    裝在7 24錐度定心刀桿上的銑刀.配合尺寸.第2部分:鑲齒銑刀