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  • insertion: n. 1. 插入;記入;刊登。2. 插入物;插入句;插入廣告;插銹,補繡。3. 【動、植】著生(點)。4. 【電學】嵌入,介入。5. 【醫學】(肌肉的)附著。adj. -al
  • board: n 1 板〈通常指寬4英寸半以上厚2英寸半以下者〉,木板;紙板。2 (廣告)牌;(棋)盤;〈口語〉配電盤...

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  1. Against the recommendation of our advisory board, i decided to tackle a tough job in a brand-new field.

  2. File power : sacd a beginning position the oneself in the hi - end class, the first pedestal flagship that release the scd - 1 is to it may be said and very do to develop a fever it can matter, regardless internal use the, whole machine craft to all and strictly press hi - end phonograph the specification the design, later on low file model of inside that release too strict according to decorous and cool - headed, use the to really develop a fever the principle design the manufacturing. it is deep to suffer the that large hi - fi develop a fever friend with affirmative. but dvd - audio chen s at with in the fighting of sacd, always regard as the dvd - audio to is on cultivate flowersing the fee not much, quite good function affixture of result is in the universal type dvd on board proceeding of video - disc publicity of, is a kind of boulevard goods to the person s impression, dvd - audio that add the function is numerous but not and with single mind, the fuselage of airplane is thin, and use the general, so develop a fever the friend heart the inside to is not good - looking in the large stereo set, from but lost the sacd on the file time

    檔次方面: sacd一開始就把自己定位於hi - end級別,索尼推出的第一臺旗艦scd - 1可謂極盡發燒之能事,無論內部用料整機工藝都嚴格按hi - end唱機規格設計,以後推出的中低檔機型也嚴格按厚重沉穩,用料實在的發燒理念設計製造。深受廣大hi - fi發燒友的青瞇與肯定。而dvd - audio陳營在與sacd的爭斗中,一直把dvd - audio當作是一種花費不多,效果不錯的功能附加在普及型dvd影碟機上進行宣傳的,給人的印象是一種大路貨,加之dvd - audio功能眾多但並不專一,機身纖薄,用料一般,故在廣大音響發燒友心目中並不好看,從而在檔次上輸給了sacd 。
  3. Saw this board into pieces, each afoot long

  4. Capacitors with f, c, j1 and j2 lead can save your time and cost when insertion and soldering on pc board

  5. At present the manufacture of surface acoustic wave use the technology of the final submicron. a series of the devices of low insertion loss, high q saw rayleigh surface acoustic wave resonators or stws that insertion loss has less than 5db, load quality factor ( ql ) is more than 1000 on the quartz piezoelectric with zero of first temperature factor in the research. these difference frequencies are 60mhz, 280mhz, 739mhz and 1ghz of normal frequency and at also surface acoustic wave. using 1. 25db noise factor amplifier, careful design curcuit, good setting printed curcuit board, and using the 1ghz surface transverse wave resonator as frequency element, researching the low phase noise surface acoustic wave with sideband phase noise near ? 120dbc / hz deviating 1khz on carrier, spurious suppress with 80db

    本研究採用一階溫度系數為零的壓電石英基片上製作出損耗小於5db 、有載品值因素( ql值)超過1000的一系列低損耗、高q值聲表面波rayleigh波或stw諧振器,頻率分別為60mhz 、 280mhz 、 739mhz和1ghz等不同頻率的高性能聲表面波諧振器。並採用噪聲系數為1 . 25db的低噪聲系數放大器,精心設計電路,優化設計布置印製電路板,用標稱頻率為1ghz的聲表面波諧振器為頻率控制元件,製作出在偏離載頻1khz處的單邊帶相位噪聲近- 120dbc / hz 、雜波抑制達80db以上的低相位噪聲聲表面波振蕩器。