insertion loss中文意思是什麼

insertion loss解釋
插入損耗, 介質損耗

  • insertion: n. 1. 插入;記入;刊登。2. 插入物;插入句;插入廣告;插銹,補繡。3. 【動、植】著生(點)。4. 【電學】嵌入,介入。5. 【醫學】(肌肉的)附著。adj. -al
  • loss: n. 1. 喪失;丟失,遺失。2. 減損,損失,虧損(額);損耗;減少,下降。3. 失敗;輸掉。4. 錯過;浪費。5. 損毀;【軍事】傷亡;〈pl. 〉 傷亡及被俘人數。

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  1. Passages reserved for connecting the engine room to the outside ( e. g., the cooling fan outlet, the exhaust outlet, the ventilation outlet, etc. ) must be designed as muffling passages, whose insertion loss should also be equivalent to the sound insulation amount of the fender structure. only in this way can the environmental noise outside the engine room live up to the standard

  2. The low insertion loss is achieved by optimizing the transistor widths and bias voltages, by minimizing the substrate resistances, and by dc biasing the transmit and receive nodes, which decreases the capacitances while increasing the p1db

    通過優化mosfet的柵寬及偏置電壓可以降低插入損耗。在版圖設計中通過增加襯底接觸降低襯底電阻,從而減小插入損耗。另外,為接收和發送端提供直流偏置可以降低p1db 。
  3. Second, the insertion loss is low. third, the attenuator range is big. at last, the device can work well in a large temperature range

  4. Fiber optics - interconnection device insertion loss test

  5. Several simulations for the designed phase shifter were performed in hp - ads. various factors were considered in influencing the insertion loss and the phase shift of the phase shifter. some effective measures were put forward to improve its performance

    採用高頻電磁模擬軟體hp - ads對設計的移相器進行模擬,分別考察了移相器各組成部分對插入損耗和移相度的影響,並提出了改進移相器性能的措施。