inside-frosted lamp中文意思是什麼

inside-frosted lamp解釋

  • inside: n 1 內部,內面。2 (道路的)內側;(跑道的)內道,內圈。3 內容,內心,內情;內幕情報[消息]。4 (...
  • frosted: adj 1 霜蓋著的;凍結了的;受了霜害的;凍傷了的;(蔬菜等)經過快速冰凍的。2 (須、發等)變白了的...
  • lamp: n 1 燈。2 燈泡。3 電子管。4 (智慧等的)明燈;思想的指導。5 〈詩〉(明亮的)天體〈日、月、星〉。6...

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  1. The pathology characteristic that liver fiber changes is collect there are many fibre hyperplasia and deposit inside abbacy and liver flocculus, but have not form the interval inside flocculus, liver cirrhosis has false flocculus to form, central vein area and collect abbacy occurrence interval, the normal structure of liver is destroyed, liver fiber changes further progress to be liver cirrhosis namely

  2. Abidance by honesty, faith, just competition, equivalent exchange, opposing monopolization and other morals criterion are also inside request of market economy

  3. Inside the shadowy house abner and abraham went frantically through their handbooks.

  4. The ultraviolet ray lamp inside machine can realize sterilization

  5. When she lit her lamp to get up in the morning she found that the snow had blown through a chink in the casement, forming a white cone of the finest powder against the inside, and had also come down the chimney, so that it lay sole - deep upon the floor, on which her shoes left tracks when she moved about