insider dealer中文意思是什麼

insider dealer解釋

  • insider: n. 1. 組織或團體內部的人。2. 了解內幕者,知內情的人。
  • dealer: n. 1. 商人,…商。2. 發牌人,莊家。3. 以某種方式待人的人。

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  1. Because of imperfect in regulation, laws and market, the model brings out lots of problems such as insider - control, excessive freedom for large stockholder, no efficiency of supervisory, hollowing out the listed firm, etc. the fourth chapter : to solve the problems of corporate governance in china, we must do these things as follow : to diminish the difference of currency stock and incurrence stock, to realize that common stocks have common rights, to perfect the stimulation and control mechanism, to perfect the - structure of the board of the directors through introducing independent directors, to perfect market system and law system

    4 、研究問題的目的是為了解決問題,而要解決我國公司治理中的問題,不但要克服制度構造的缺陷,逐步縮小流通股與非流通股的利益差別,實現同股同權:要完善公司的激勵、約柬機制,改善董事會的結構,引進獨立董事,加強公司對其他利益相關者利益的考慮:而且還要建立和完善市場體系,加強法律和執法體系的建設,使外部治理市場和法律、法規在公司治理中發揮強勢的監督和約柬功能,最終形成公司治理的良勝生態環境。
  2. Lawmaking is to aim to enhance all kinds of law ’ s efficiency factors which are confirmative degree and developmental degree and efficient social press. new laws are needed when the law demand which is asked for the variability of insider structure breaks through the intrinsic law supply because a domain ’ s insider structure changes, that is, new sub - domains appear, or intrinsic sub - domains expand or fission or shrink or die away. new laws are also needed if that situation is estimated by legislators in advance

    立法旨在提高各子域法的效率因子? ?確定性因子、適應性因子和社會壓力的有效性因子;當域的內部結構發生變化,即出現新的子域,或者原有子域壯大、裂變、萎縮抑或消失時,這種域的內部結構的變異性對法律的需求一旦突破了原有的法律供給,或者立法者已於事先估測到這種情形時,新的立法就成了必需。
  3. Derek, i want you to get hold of dealer dan

  4. It was the foreman of the jury, foster lund, a dealer in cement, lime and stone.

  5. This paper puts emphasis on : the free - rider both in value - added and monitoring activities, puts forward that the arrangement of equity can incent the non - lead experienced venture capitalists and mitigate their motivation of free rider, suggests letting syndicators take turns to be the dealer to solve the free rider problem in monitoring activities