insurance against all risk中文意思是什麼

insurance against all risk解釋

  • insurance: n 1 安全保障。2 保險,保險業。3 保險單〈通稱 insurance policy〉。4 保險費〈通稱 premium〉。5 保險...
  • against: 〈古、方〉在…之時,在…之前。
  • all: adj 1 所有的,全部的,整個的,一切的。2 非常的,極度的,盡可能的。3 〈口語〉用盡,用完。n pron 全...
  • risk: n 1 風險,危險;冒險。2 【保險】(損失的)風險(率);保險金額;被保險人,被保險物。vt 冒…的危險...

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  1. There is a well - known saying in america : " securitize your dream. " aimed against the changes of international insurance industry, through the analysis of the characters and the enlarging trend of the catastrophe risk, this paper preliminarily considers on the securitization of catastrophe insurance both in theory and practices, on the basis of the discuss of the existing limitations of the traditional reinsurance towards the risk - scatter of the catastrophe insurance, using the international idea of the advanced insurance innovation and risk property - manage for reference

    美國有句名言: 「證券化你的夢」 。本文針對國際保險業經營環境的變化,通過對巨災風險的特性及其不斷擴大趨勢的分析,在論述傳統再保險對巨災保險的風險分散所存在的局限的基礎上,借鑒國際上先進的保險創新與風險理財理念,對巨災保險證券化進行了理論與實踐方面的初步探討。
  2. Insurance : to be covered by the sellers for 110 % of invoice value against all risks and war risk as per the relevant ocean marine cargo clauses of the people ' s insurance company of china

    保險:由賣方按中國人民保險公司海洋貨物運輸保險條款照發票總值110 %投保綜合險及戰爭險。
  3. The most prevalent use of the term social entrepreneurship, however, focuses on the role of the risk - taking individual who, against all odds, creates social change

  4. To be covered by the seller with 110 % of shipped value against all risks and war risk

    由賣方按所裝運價值的110 %投保一切險和戰爭險。
  5. Insuranceinsurance shall be covered by the seller for 110 % of invoice value against all risks