integral coil中文意思是什麼

integral coil解釋

  • integral: adj 1 完全的;缺一不可的,主要的。2 【數學】整的,積分的。n 全體,整體;【數學】積分。 definite i...
  • coil: vt vi 卷,盤繞,(把…)盤[卷]成一圈 (up)。n 1 (一)卷,(一)盤,(一)圈。2 螺旋管,蛇管。3 ...

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  1. The elonomic analysis of accumulative integral marketing strategy

  2. I have contacted to a company makes field coil magnet and decided to convert alnico 288 to field coil magnet

  3. The 288 field coil sounds similar to alnico but extremely smoother, therefore warmer and does not kill your ear as of 288 when the music loud

  4. What a coil, and what a barrier !

  5. The integral method is adopted caculate and analyze to amf three - dimension distruction which is the structure of coil type four - pole and the structure of coil type double - pole and study the size of two kind of electrode structure axial magnetic flux density distribution and its fielduniformity. the finite - element method is used simulate that eddy current has effect on amf when contact tray of douple - pole amf structure is slotted or no