integrated marketing communication (imc)中文意思是什麼

integrated marketing communication (imc)解釋

  • integrated: adj. 完整的,完全的。 an integrated iron and steel works 鋼鐵聯合企業。 an integrated oil company 大型石油(聯合)公司。
  • marketing: n. 1. 商品銷售業務。2. 商品自生產者轉移到消費者手中的一系列有關機能。3. 〈集合詞〉市場購買的貨品;適合市場上銷售的貨品。4. 市場學。
  • communication: n. 1. 通訊,通知;交換;信息;書信,口信,通報。2. 傳達,傳授;傳播;傳染。3. 交通,交通機關;聯系,連絡(設備)。4. 【宗教】接受聖餐。
  • imc: 工業礦物與化學公司

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  1. Probe into hospitals ' strategy of integrated marketing communication

  2. Integrated marketing communication plan im

  3. With china ' s reform and open since the 1980 ' s, a great deal of various popular theories of management and marketing has accelerative come into china. among these theories a focus issue on the field of marketing is " integrated marketing communications, imc " by professor don e. shultz

  4. The most outstanding feature of imc - integrated marketing communication is to uphold the consumption orientation, which aims at researching the need of media consumers. this has some common grand with the idea that audience should be ranked number one. taking the change of the society and new situation newspaper media face today into consideration

    市場營銷,是一個應該適度借鑒的新概念,整合營銷傳播理論( integratedmarketingcommunication - - imc )最突出的特點是倡導消費者導向,這和報紙的受眾本位思想是共通的。
  5. The theory of marketing can be applied to some extend to the brand making of newspaper media. though the theory of imc - integrated marketing communication initially is for the marketing of business company