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  • interlace: vt 使交織,使組合,使交錯 (with)。 interlaced branches 交錯的樹枝。 be interlaced with another ...
  • scan: vt ( nn )1 細看,細察;審視。2 〈口語〉大略一閱;瀏覽。3 按韻節念,按句調讀,標出(詩)的格律(...

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  1. Unmanned air vehicle ' s navigation and automatic accurate landing in all weather basd on infrared laser scan and computer vision

  2. It does not use harmful to human body x line and easy the radiography agent that causes allergic reaction, not only can do traverse layer to scan, still can do coronal - plane and fault of arrowy shape face, can judge the place of the disease more accurately so

  3. According to tracking theory, automatic following can be divided into three systems : step - advance tracking, taper - scan tracking and single - pulse tracking

  4. My fingers scan a book in braille.

  5. It started with my husband s surgery on november 21st. the day after his surgery, i got cellulitis - a big lump grew near my ear and left that side of my face swollen. the doctor diagnosed it as a tumor and decided to do a cat scan