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  1. Structurally, biomaterials are typically composite materials, being intimately associated with organic mac - romolecules, and are often hierarchically organized on a scale from angstroms to millimeters

  2. Faria, the beneficent and cheerful companion, with whom he was accustomed to live so intimately, no longer breathed

  3. For the enlightenment of those who are not so intimately acquainted with the minutiae of the municipal abattoir as this morbidminded esthete and embryo philosopher who for all his overweening bumptiousness in things scientific can scarcely distinguish an acid from an alkali prides himself on being, it should perhaps be stated that staggering bob in the vile parlance of our lower class licensed victuallers signifies the cookable and eatable flesh of a calf newly dropped from its mother

  4. Mr. joe knew everyone intimately and never used a first name.

  5. Consequently, both the private and public purposes of the civil appeals system are discussed, and four major functions of civil appeals system which are intimately related with the objective ( that is " the channel to release dissatisfaction ", " realization of procedural check and balance ", " assurance of judicial - impartiality " and " achievement of uniformly application of the law " ) are also considered