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  1. Methods treatment group : the varicosities of greater saphenous vein were treated by microwave coagulation intracavitary treatment together with injection coagulation treatment of its tributaries

  2. Aim to evaluate the feasibility of one simple method to establish model of venous thrombosis for studying the therapeutic effect of intracavitary ultrasonic therapy on venous thrombus of animal models. methods the lower limbs of 20 dogs were divided randomly into the experimental group and the control group. the femoral veins of the experimental group were ligated at the close and distant end respectively to slower the flow of blood. the veins in control group were operated but not ligated. then, the changes of the dogs ' lower limbs were observed and the femoral veins were excised for pathological examinations and examined to investigate the condition of thrombis in the veins at the 1st, 4th and 7th day respectively after operation. results all the dog ' s lower limbs in the experimental group swelled and were lame slightly, the thrombus came forth in all the 6 veins by pathologic study at the 1st day after operation. and it was opposite in the control group. in addition, the swelling of all the dogs ' lower limbs was aggravated and all the 14 femoral veins were filled with compact mixed thrombus at the 4th and 7th day after operation. and it was also opposite in the control group. conclusion the method to establish models of venous thrombosis by the simple ligation of close and distant end of the femoral veins can make thrombosis more approaching clinical course of thrombosis and is satisfying

    目的為研究腔內超聲溶栓對動物模型靜脈血栓的療效而評價一種制備靜脈血栓模型方法的可行性.方法犬20隻採用自身對照研究,犬一側後肢股靜脈為實驗側,另一側為對照側.實驗側行股靜脈近、遠端分別結扎,人為造成犬後肢股靜脈血流緩慢;對照側行手術,但不結扎血管.然後于術后第1 , 4 , 7天分別觀察犬後肢變化,切取血管標本做病理觀察,了解血栓形成情況.結果術后第1天實驗側全部出現後肢腫脹,輕微跛行,病理切片顯示: 6條靜脈全部都形成血栓;對照側沒有出現後肢腫脹及跛行, 6條靜脈都無血栓形成.第4 , 7天實驗側後肢腫脹加重,跛行,病理切片顯示:實驗側14條靜脈血栓充滿管腔,為混和血栓;對照側沒有出現後肢腫脹及跛行, 14條靜脈無血栓形成.結論採用靜脈單純結扎法制備犬靜脈血栓模型,血栓形成更接近臨床血栓形成過程
  3. Clinical significance of small echogenic foci in intracavitary fetal heart

  4. Hyperthermia combined with intracavitary injection of drug for malignant pleural effusion

  5. Objective to compare the clinical curative effect and the pros and eons of microwave intracavitary minimally invasive treatment and traditional operation for varicose veins in lower extremities