adj. 形容詞 1. 城墻內的;城市內的;建築物內的;大學內的。
2. 【解剖學】(器官)壁內的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly


    1. 4. participation in intramural academic and guidance work

    2. Many cultural activities and varsity and intramural sports

    3. Inter - collegiate and intramural athletics, academic and interest clubs, and recreational circles offer students a variety of opportunities to participate in organized extracurricular activities

    4. If in the long endometriosis, menstrual there will be long, a large quantity of menstrual symptoms, and in serious cases can lead to anemia patients if long in the intramural uterine muscle or subserosal, and highlight the field, while forward oppression bladder, patients nocturia increased frequency of feeling ; backward will be oppression rectum, constipation symptoms appear

    5. Results : in all 58 hearts, the anterior cardiac veins were constituted by the right marginal vein, anterior veins of right ventricle, veins of the arterial cone, posterior vein of arterial cone and zuckerkandl vein via various combinations, and eventually drain into the right atrium via intramural venous sinuses