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  • intermediate: adj 中間的,居間的。 The intermediate class (船的)特別三等。 An intermediate compound 中間化合...
  • point: n 1 尖頭,尖端;尖頭器具;〈美國〉筆尖;接種針,雕刻針,編織針;小岬,小地角;【拳擊】下巴。2 【...

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  1. Point - to - point style uses queue as intermediate storage, thus obtaining asynchronism

  2. If you recover the database after restoring one of the intermediate transaction log backups, that before the end of the log chain, you cannot restore the database past that point without restarting the complete restore sequence, starting with the full database backup

  3. Island line is 13. 3 km long between the 2 terminal stations at sheung wan and chai wan with 12 intermediate stations ; namely central, admiralty, wan chai, causeway bay, tin hau, fortress hill, north point, quarry bay, tai koo, sai wan ho, shau kei wan and heng fa chuen

    港島線由上環終點站至柴灣終點站長13 . 3公里,共有12個中途站,分別為中環金鐘灣仔銅鑼灣天後炮臺山北角魚涌太古西灣河筲箕灣和杏花。
  4. Data warehouse is a hot research area in 90s its main motif is to provide the decision - maker a powerful tool : gathering the data in pure consistent, relevant pattern, and making use of the data in managing analyzing, data - mining purposec that means that the decision - maker can use the tool to understand, grasp the situation of the business from different directions and forecast the future of it when using data warehouse, the processing speed determines data warehouse ' s practicability and processing ability the hoc ( highway decision center ) system realized before solves some key problems about intermediate scale data, mainly concentrating data warehouse performance coefficient when using hdc in large scale data, it encountered processing speed problem then the settlement of this problem becomes a major research point so, based on the former research achievements, the present task is to construct the renowned data warehouse architecture and its relevant algorithms, then adapts the system to the large scale dataset with data mining functions c this paper is a part of the research in order to construct the powerful system, a key problem is to cope with the processing - speed problem and the data space problem, etc, - caused by the large scale dataset and magnificent dataset this is also the core in the present data mining research this paper ' s motive is to design and realize a decision - tree classifier in the data warehouse system for large - scale dataset

    大型數據倉庫的處理速度問題目前是制約其推廣應用的關鍵所在,也是這一領域的一個重要研究課題,也正是我們當前工作的重點:在前期研究工作的基礎上圍繞提高大型數據倉庫處理速度問題,建立改進的數據倉庫系統模型和相關演算法,開發出面向中級以上企事業單位的、具有數據挖掘和分析能力的大型數據倉庫系統。建立大型數據倉庫所面臨的關鍵問題,是如何妥善解決實際業務數據的大規模、海量特徵所帶來的處理速度和空間等問題,這也是當前挖掘技術研究必然面對的核心問題。本研究的目的是設計並實現大型數據倉庫系統中的分類數據挖掘工具? ?決策樹分類器,主要工作是在綜合了解現有決策樹分類演算法的研究情況的前提下,對決策樹演算法適應大規模數據集的問題進行探討,力求設計出能較好地適應大規模數據的分類器演算法。
  5. Introduction : intermediate point new game the word is relatively small, looking to find a degree, then select the difficulty just started to play select easy good, and then point skip to skip the briefing, the final mission start started the game

    點中間的「 new game 」字比較小,睜大眼睛找才行,然後選擇難度,剛開始玩選擇「 easy 」好了,再點「 skip 」跳過介紹,最後點「 mission start 」開始游戲。