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  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。
  • engine: n. 1. 機械,機器。2. 引擎,蒸汽機,發動機。3. 機車,車頭。4. 工具;〈古語〉方法,手段。vt. 給…安裝發動機。
  • module: n. 1. 測量流水等的單位〈1秒100升〉。2. 【建築】圓柱下部半徑度。3. 【物理學】模,系數,模數,模量。4. 【無線電】微型組件;組件;模塊。5. (太空船上各個獨立的)艙。

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  1. Taking the contact stress, bend stress stiffness and temperature stress as the condition, taking the weight of the kiln tyre as optimization aim function, the redia and the width of the tyre are optimized general optimize methods just consider the affecting of the parameters to aim function, but in fact, structural parameters ( such as structure dimension, interval and so on ), physics and dynamics ( damp factor, conduct factor, friction factor material ' s elastic module strength limits and so on ), which would be changed after used. the difference are called discrepancy robust design ' s basic concept is : all design parameters " discrepancy will affect the aim funct ion and arouse the quality target discrepancy

    一般的優化方法,僅僅考慮了參數對其目標函數的影響,而實際情況下有些參數是變化的,產品的結構參數(如幾何尺寸、間隙等) 、物理和力學參數如阻尼系數、傳導系數、磨擦系數、材料的彈性模量和強度極限等的設計值與製造后和使用中的實際值會有差異,這種差異稱為設計變量和噪聲因素的變差。
  2. The article expatiates the framework of dmc - 701 which includes the selection of hardware, the module of data collection, the art of software designing, the evaluation of diesel engine performance, curve plotting, the system central around a industry computer, all the signals was put into the computer through circuit interface card

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  4. An especial mode has been adopted to realize this system, which is different from the conventional mode of realizing expert system. it includes the two aspects : one is using modern database technology to organizing the repository of ipdaes and other aiding databases in order to realize sharing data ; the other is using advanced programming language with the character of object - oriented to realize the inference engine of ipdaes, which absorbs the heuristic merits of windows " helping systems to make the reasoning process easily understood by the means of including the explaining module into the inference engine

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