ion enhanced etching中文意思是什麼

ion enhanced etching解釋

  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。
  • enhanced: 提高了的
  • etching: n. 1. 蝕刻法;蝕刻(銅)版畫;蝕鏤術。2. 蝕刻畫,蝕刻版,蝕刻版印刷品。

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  1. Yak hairs were treated by the microwave electron cyclotron resonance plasma reactive ion etching ( ecr - rie ) equipment to improve its property of weave

    摘要採用微波電子迴旋共振等離子體反應離子刻蝕( ecr - rie )裝置對氂牛毛纖維進行表面改性,從而改善氂牛毛的可紡性。
  2. In this investigation, gas barrier property of pet has been improved by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition ( pecvd ) and plasma immersion ion implantation ( piii ) technologies

    本文通過等離子體化學氣相沉積( pecvd )和等離體浸沒離子注入( piii )技術在聚酯材料表面制備了阻隔碳膜來提高氣體阻隔性能。
  3. The feasibility that kaufman ion source is applied in reactive ion beam etching is discussed. etching characteristics of materials, including pr, cr, quartz, are investigated. the etch rate and mechanisms of such materials are measured and analyzed as a function of ion energy, ion beam density and ion incidence angle in pure ar and chf3, respectively. the etch rate has shown a square root dependence on variation versus

  4. Reactive ion beam etching system ribe system

  5. Lin h, li l and zeng l., " in - situ monitoring during ion - beam etching of multilayer dielectric gratings : simulation and experiment ", holography, diffractive optics, and applications ii, spie, 5636, 143 ( 2004 )

    林華,李立峰,曾理江, "利用導波耦合角度實時控制光刻膠光柵掩模的占寬比" ,光學學報, 26 , 767 ? 772 ( 2006 )