ion equilibrium中文意思是什麼

ion equilibrium解釋

  • ion: n. 【物理學】離子。 positive [negative] ion正[負]離子。
  • equilibrium: n. 1. 平衡,均衡,均勢,相稱。2. (心情的)平靜。3. (判斷的)不偏不倚。

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  1. In metabolic acidosis the reverse process occurs, and the excess hydrogen ion exchanges for sodium with retention of greater amounts of potassium

  2. Polarographic determination of nitrite ion based on the nitrosation reaction with acridine red

  3. Adsorbed pesticide is in equilibrium with that dissolved in the water film around the soil particle.

  4. There exist large stress, intensive scratch, damage and pollution of ion in wafer process, so it is necessary to improve mechanism of slicing and lapping by changing single mechanical function to equilibrium chemical and mechanical function for small damage and low stress. reducing damage and stress and enhancing quality and efficiency of product result in a base of followed process so as to improve wafer process and enhance finished product ratio of whole wafer process

  5. Equilibrium distribution of an ion between soil solution and solid phase was described by a distribution coefficient, k. the k was a ratio of cs and c1 and a conditional equilibrium constant, which cs and c were quantity of k in solid and solution phase respectively

    隨水吸力增大,固相鉀離子( cs )比率下降,液相鉀離子比率逐漸增加,分配系數k減小。在水吸力約為1 . 5 10 ~ 5pa時,四種土壤鉀離子在固液相間的分配達到穩定,分配系數為最小。