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  1. Folkloric uses have included a myriad of other indications, including psoriasis, infertility, gastrointestinal cramps, infections, and cancer and as an abortifacient. in china, bitter melons have been used in traditional chinese medicine for a long time. like most bitter - tasting foods, it stimulates digestion

    苦瓜有較高的營養價值,含有蛋白質脂肪各種氨基酸苦瓜代糖類維生素a b c等人體不可缺少的營養物質,以及人體必需的無機鹽和鈣磷鐵等礦物質。
  2. Determination of aminoglycosides veterinary residues in animal foods

  3. They eat only the best foods, go for regular beauty treatments, and wear designer fashions

  4. Milk powder and formula foods for infant and young children - determination of free biotin content

  5. Sometimes she was completely involved in the smoke of her fire ; then it would leave her figure free, irradiated by the brassy glare from the heap