irresistable force中文意思是什麼

irresistable force解釋

  • irresistable: 不可抵抗的
  • force: n 1 力,勢。2 體力,氣力,精力,魄力。3 暴力,壓力;兵力,武力。4 〈pl 〉 部隊,軍隊,兵力。5 勢...

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  1. We evaded the soviet proposal of banning nuclear weapons in war and substituted for it a clause abjuring the threat of force in peacetime.

  2. The roots of their binding force lie in their acceptance by the majority.

  3. Our company contract to do a job maintaining all sorts of electro magnetic chuch domestic and abrod. we guarantee quality, own advanced technique and present reason - able price, and can produce all sorts of magnetic force acetabula for consumers. company ` s tenet : quality no. 1, reputation highest, quick and considerable after - service, honest hope with every friend joining hands together to enter a pair - win market

  4. The thesis has summarized the development of the oblique - pull bridge, its construction technology and the importance of bridge construction control, then has introduced project general situation, and has narrated detailed regulation, organization construction, the major work and difficult part of this bridge construction control. the following is the key part of this thesis, firstly, it has introduced the experiment work of early stage, structural calculation and its theoretical result : the absolute altitude of each operating mode, the absolute altitude of building mould in each section and the absolute altitude after pouring concrete ; then, it has discussed the method and content of the line shape control of the main beam, actual absolute altitude of building mould is put forward, and it has described the method of structural stress monitoring, how to arrange measure point and collect data, and how to analyze data. it has also narrated the method of rope force detection and structural temperature inspection

  5. When an especially difficult interdepartmental problem arose, an ad hoc task force with a responsible head was created.