irrigated precipitator中文意思是什麼

irrigated precipitator解釋

  • irrigated: 沖洗的
  • precipitator: n. 1. 催促的人[物];促進者。2. 【化學】沉澱器;沉澱劑;除塵器;電濾器;濾塵器。3. 沉澱器操作者。

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  1. More than 50 % of cane land is irrigated, mainly by sprays or flooding of furrows. use of low - pressure overhead irrigators and drip systems is increasing

    採用噴霧灌溉或渠灌的甘蔗地超過50 % ,使用低壓高架灌溉器和滴水灌溉系統的正在增加。
  2. Taking the irrigation with reclaimed water of dawukou forest park in ningxia as an example, through the indoor test of one - dimensional dust columniation, the regular patten of pollutant shift in soil when irrigated with reclaimed water at different infiltration condition was studied

  3. A crop can be sown, weeded, irrigated, and fertilized uniformly.

  4. But conventional furrow irrigation is difficult to meet the demands that crops are irrigated at proper time and with suitable amount of water

  5. Basically a precipitator is a large hollow box.