isolated word recognition中文意思是什麼

isolated word recognition解釋

  • isolated: 被隔離的
  • word: n 1 單詞;〈pl 〉歌詞,臺詞。2 〈常 pl 〉談話,話,言語。3 〈不加冠詞〉音信,消息,傳言,口信;【...
  • recognition: n. 1. 認識;識出;識別;面熟,認得;招呼。2. 承認,認可。3. 褒獎,表揚;感謝,酬勞。

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  1. In this dissertation tone patterns of disyllabic word and isolated - word are introduced, tone patterns for tn - syllabic word are analyzed in detail. tone patterns for continuous speech are researched based on the foregoing work

  2. Test platform of isolated - word speech recognition based on matlab

  3. Using three individual classifiers with highlevel global features, we performed word recognition experiments. aparallel combination method was tested for all possible configurationcases of the three chosen classifiers. a syntactic analyzer makes afinal decision on the candidate words generated by the bestconfiguration scheme

  4. Study of isolated word recognition based on hmm

  5. 3. then comes the whole structure and frame of our isolated word recognition system, including speech acoustic analyzing 、 feature extraction 、 acoustic modeling and recognition strategy in hmm, at the end of this chapter we get the result of isolated word recognition system.

    3 .從語音信號處理分析出發,在hmm的理論基礎上,闡述了本文所研究的孤立詞語音識別系統的基本框架和組成部分,包括聲學分析、特徵提取、孤立詞聲學建模、訓練識別以及最終的孤立詞系統識別結果。