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  1. The waves should be sheared waves for the anisotropic aeo device and longitudinal waves for the isotropic aeo device. geometrical relationships of anisotropic acousto - optic effect in ln crystal and kdp crystals are studied by tangent - match condition. curves of incident angle vs. abaxial angle, diffractive angle vs. abaxial angle, extreme frequency vs. abaxial angle and acousto - optic merit vs. incident angle vs. abaxial angle are systematically gained and the design parameters are also calculated

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  3. So it is initiative and instructive for the future application of the temporal interferometry on the analysis of the vibration. in the study of the dynamic mechanical behavior of the ballistite material, the material ' s creep curves and the creep velocity curves are successfully obtained using tspm, and whole field displacement distributions

  4. The de boor algorithm and a knot insertion algorithm are also given for b - spline curves

    還給出b -樣條曲線的deboor演算法和節點插入演算法。
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