issue pending decision中文意思是什麼

issue pending decision解釋

  • issue: n 1 出口;河口。2 結果,結局;成績。3 收獲,收益。4 頒布,發行;發行額;發行物。5 流出,(血、水...
  • pending: adj. 1. 懸垂的。2. 迫近的;緊急的。3. 未定的,未決的。4. 審理中的。1. 當…的時候,在…中。2. 在…以前。
  • decision: n. 1. 決定。2. 判決。3. 決議。4. 決心;決斷。5. 【美拳】(根據分數而不是根據擊倒對方做出的)裁判。

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  1. The issue came to light on tuesday when the folha de sao paulo newspaper said carlos alberto was born exactly five years before his declared date of birth of january 24, 1983. figueirense, who dropped to 10th in the table after losing 3 - 1 to sao caetano on wednesday, immediately suspended carlos alberto pending investigations

  2. You can work in conjunction with those in the know in order to get to the bottom of any pending issue

  3. Article 33 if a mistake is found to have occurred, the state commodity price department shall have the power over the various level commodity price surveillance organs to reverse a decision already in force, or to issue an order for a review and a higher level commodity price surveillance organ shall have the same right over a lower level commodity price surveillance organ

  4. Article 11 on imposing an administrative punishment, the industrial and commercial administrative departments and the public health administrative department shall issue a decision notice of an administrative punishment

  5. When a party to a jv requests approval to dissolve a jv or to find a new jv party under article 7 of the capital injection measures, the original approval authorities should determine whether the other party to the jv has breached the contract under article 7 ( according to any relevant ruling by a court or relevant arbitration panel ), and issue a decision as to whether the jv should be dissolved or whether the authorities should grant approval to the jv party to find a new investor