ius tertii中文意思是什麼

ius tertii解釋

  • ius: IUS =International Union of Students 國際學生聯合會。

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  1. What in ius realy wants “ truth ”

  2. “ my lord, i have good news on that score. i have ? with difficulty, and after great effort ? succeeded in placing an imperius curse upon ius thicknesse

    「我的主人,我有一個好消息。我非常艱苦地,終于非常成功地對畢尤斯?底克尼斯施了奪魂咒。 」
  3. At quasi - state stage, the depth and rad ius of laser pool have small changes, but the highest surface temperature and velocity of molten pool decease rapidly

  4. People might want to consider a vitamin supplement to raise their intake to 1000 ius per day, garland said, adding that it was well within the safety guidelines established by the national academy of sciences

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