iv ntg中文意思是什麼

iv ntg解釋

  • iv: (天竺)再版
  • ntg: 南通

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  1. Article 62 the people ' s bank of china has the right to check and supervise the deposits, loans, account settling and bad debts of the commercial banks at any time in accordance with the stipulations of chapters iii, iv and v of this law

  2. Besides this, let the students do some listening exercise and thinking expression exercise then talk about the effect we want to achieve iv the technical training of and communistic

  3. Iv a copy of the complainant s written complaint

  4. I will try to justify this contention in parts iii and iv of this study.

  5. The elementary idea of the reference units method can be described as follows : firstly, by the setting of double series of reference units, we can control the highest and lowest land quality class of each village or town ; secondly, the class of the arable land will be get through the contrast between the arable land with the reference unit which has been selected in the same area, the difference in quality is the key factor to classify the land. the results show, 87. 6 % of the lands from i to iii distribute on alluvial and lacustrine plains, where the associated soils are mainly grey fulvo - aquic and calcareous concretions black ones. and 61. 4 % of them from iv to vi distribute on slightly rolling parts with mainly yellow - cinnamon soil developed from the diluvial and slope deposits

    分等結果表明:臥龍區等的耕地中,有87 . 6分佈在沖積、湖積平原區,主要土壤類型是在河流沖積物上發育形成的灰潮土、在湖相沉積物上發育形成的砂姜黑土;等耕地中,有61 . 4分佈在壟崗區,主要土壤類型是洪坡積物上發育形成的黃褐土:而、等耕地集中分佈在丘陵區,主要土壤類型是殘坡積物上發育形成的粗骨性黃褐土,等別結果分佈總體上體現了不同地貌類型、土壤條件下耕地質量的差異。