n. 名詞 人民黨〈印度的主要政黨之一〉。

  • ja: adv. 〈德語〉 =yes.
  • nata: 伎兒


  1. The results indicated that : jaj could selectively stimulate the reprduction of bifidobacteria in vivo and inhibit the growth of e. coli which is a main parasitic basterium in human intestinal tract ; moreover, jaj could apprarently improve intestinal tract function. in tested group, the mice excreted smoothly and the faecal particles of mice were big and wet, but in control group, the faecal particles of mice were small and dry. lt was suggested that inulin may be the important effective component in jaj which promoted the reprduction of bifidobacteria in vivo. at last, the effects of ja on the bile salt resis tance of bifidobacteria were studied. the test proved that : deoxycholic acid na - salt ( dca - na ) had intensely toxical action on blm and bbm ; adding glucose and fructose in media could decrease the lexical action on bbm. but inulin and jap had not apparent effect

  2. A nin ja must not be visible to anyone ither than his lord

  3. Young - sook, sook - ja or hee - ja. . just bring her over

  4. Particular motions part ja of the rules of procedure

  5. Lee jung - ja, jung kook - sup klm young - shin