jack tar中文意思是什麼

jack tar解釋

  • jack: n 1 〈常 J 〉 傑克〈男子名,也作 John 的俗稱或昵稱〉。2 〈J 〉普通人,男子,傢伙,小夥子。3 水手...
  • tar: n 1 焦油;柏油,煤焦油瀝青。2 〈美俚〉黑咖啡。vt ( rr ) 塗柏油;〈比喻〉弄污。 tar boilers [hee...

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  1. One mobster whom broderick couldn't abide was jack.

  2. His village home lay there at the end of the waste land, beyond the sugar - cane field, hidden among the shadows of the banana and the slender areca - palm, the coconut and the dark green jack - fruit trees

  3. "i ought to be chief, " said jack with simple arrogance.

  4. The signing ceremony announcing the cooperation took place in today s press conference held in beijing and was officiated by d - link s prc general manager, mr jack huang and artel s executive director and chief operation officer, mr frederick yu

  5. Disbelieving his unlikely story, she looked askance at jack