n. 名詞 1. 〈美口〉增加,上漲。
2. (海上鉆探石油用的)自升式鉆塔。

  • jack: n 1 〈常 J 〉 傑克〈男子名,也作 John 的俗稱或昵稱〉。2 〈J 〉普通人,男子,傢伙,小夥子。3 水手...
  • up: adv (superl uppermost )1 向[在]上,向[在]上面;向[在]被認為處于上方的地方或方面〈如河流的源頭,...


  1. The calculation results show that the jack - up platform under dynamic ice loads is in safe condition and can perform drilling operation in winter ice zone

  2. The strength of legs of a jack - up drilling platform serviced in bohai sea is evaluated and the ice - induced fatigue damage of the platform leg under different ice parameter was determined

  3. The coupling effects of interaction between ice and platform structure are computed by taking a jack - up platform as an example, which will provide referential basis for the safety assessment of ice - induced vibration of jack - up platform

  4. In the budget the chancellor is bound to jack up the price of cigarettes

  5. Your body reacts by flooding the bloodstream with hormones that tense up your muscles and jack up your heart rate and blood pressure