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  1. The room jacques and i occupied, though large, was dwarfed by an immense feather bed

  2. Jacques sauni re was considered the premiere goddess iconographer on earth

  3. A veil has been drawn over president jacques chirac ' s affairs, referred to by his wife in a book two years ago, while fran ? ois mitterrand ' s adulterous relationship with anne pingeot, and the existence of their daughter mazarine, were kept quiet until a year before his death

  4. At a ceremony held in kuwait city yesterday, interna - tional olympic committee ( ioc ) president jacques rogge handed over a daimlerchrysler minivan destined for the iraqi national olympic committee to the president of the olympic council of asia ( oca ), sheikh ahmad al - fahad al - sabah

  5. Enzyme repression was discovered by jacques monod in 1953.