jim davis (cartoonist)中文意思是什麼

jim davis (cartoonist)解釋

  • jim: n. 吉姆〈男子名,James 的略稱或昵稱〉。
  • davis: n. 戴維斯〈姓氏,男子名〉。
  • cartoonist: 動畫畫家

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  1. An aboriginal called jim was an abnormal man

  2. Some of them, it is true, are caught, in apathetic squalor, in smalltown brutality, in meaningless blood-feuds, or(like jim)in negro slavery.

  3. Arista records heard these demos at the beginning of 1997, and dido was invited to the dorchester hotel in london to meet clive davis. the meeting was successful clive even helped out with some of the backing vocals as dido sung to him. so began the recording of dido s debut album, no angel

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  4. Jim, won't you make prince behave ?

  5. Jim had a big time at the party last night