jim davis中文意思是什麼

jim davis解釋

  • jim: n. 吉姆〈男子名,James 的略稱或昵稱〉。
  • davis: n. 戴維斯〈姓氏,男子名〉。

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  1. Jim absconded abroad, then was caught aboard a ship

  2. Just as an afterthought why not ask jim

    這是事後想起的- -為什麼不問問吉姆呢
  3. He spent long hours in the oakland and berkeley libraries, and made out application blanks for membership for himself, his sisters gertrude and marian, and jim, the latter s consent being obtained at the expense of several glasses of beer

  4. Arista records heard these demos at the beginning of 1997, and dido was invited to the dorchester hotel in london to meet clive davis. the meeting was successful clive even helped out with some of the backing vocals as dido sung to him. so began the recording of dido s debut album, no angel

    Dido蒂朵在她五歲那年偷了生平第一臺錄音機,不過這個舉動並沒有令她遭受牢獄之災,反而使她在一年後進入了倫敦guildhall school of music蓋德霍爾音樂學校就讀。
  5. Garfield is the creation of cartoonist1 jim davis