jim ward中文意思是什麼

jim ward解釋
吉彌j. w

  • jim: n. 吉姆〈男子名,James 的略稱或昵稱〉。
  • ward: n 沃德〈姓氏,男子名〉。n 1 監視,監督,監護,守護;監禁;防衛。2 【法律】受監護人 (opp guardian...

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  1. Aids, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is usually a fatal disease which leaves the body unable to ward off infection

    艾滋病? ?獲得性免疫缺損綜合癥是一種使人體喪失免疫能力的通常致命的疾病。
  2. As at noon today november 25, there was no new case in the ward. the six female patients, aged from 19 to 29, who developed fever and respiratory tract infection symptoms between november 20 and 24, were afebrile

  3. Just as an afterthought why not ask jim

    這是事後想起的- -為什麼不問問吉姆呢
  4. Ambulant and semi - ambulant residents have their meals in the dining hall or otherwise in their ward

  5. I shall remain behind with jim prentice and ross twigg, my best men.