jm district中文意思是什麼

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  • jm: 帶到鐵塔上好「提出那個重要的問題」
  • district: n 1 區;管區;行政區,市區。2 地區,區域。3 〈美國〉(各州眾議員)選舉區;〈英國〉教區,分區。vt ...

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  1. The heritages of the revolutionary army of eight road shannxi office was annunciated national preservation denomination in 1988. to develop xi ' an qixianzhuang district and exhibit this district historical, cultural and architectural charming through historic district conservation and regeneration

  2. Our small school district was buried in the appalachian mountains of pennsylvania

  3. Located at the southern end of miami beach, south beach ' s art deco district is a collection of more than 800 architecturally protected buildings from the 1930s and 1940s

  4. With the development of the knowledge economy, entrepreneurial human capital becomes the forth factor of productivity and plays a more and more important role in the survival and the development of enterprises. moreover, entrepreneurial human capital is the key to achieve the sustained competitive ascendance for the country, the district and the enterprise

  5. What aspects of your district assembly program are already in place