johan van der burg中文意思是什麼

johan van der burg解釋

  • johan: 約翰
  • van: n 范〈男子名〉。n 1 (有蓋的)載貨大馬車,搬運車;【鐵路】行李車,有蓋貨車。2 (吉卜賽人所住的)...
  • burg: n. 1. 【歷史】(中世紀的)城堡。2. 〈英國〉有權選舉議員的城鎮(=borough). 3. 〈美口〉城市,城鎮。

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  1. Suzie van der walt, the resilient afrikaner who is the guide on our 12 - day cross - country camping safari, which took place last august ( the namibian winter ), tells me that the dune at dead vlei ' s southern end is known as crazy dune

    體力充沛的荷裔南非人華特是我們這趟行程的導游(我們在去年8月展開為期12天的非洲越野露營之旅,當時是納米比亞的冬天) ,她告訴我位在死谷最南端的沙丘叫做瘋狂沙丘。
  2. The cdte films doped te are deposited onto glass substrate by close spaced sublimation. the x - ray diffraction data indicate the pure cdte films are polycrystalline zinc - blende structure with grain orientation predominantly along ( 111 ) direction. the electrical properties of cdte films are investigated by hall effect measurement using the van der pauw method

    X射線衍射分析表明,純cdte薄膜是立方閃鋅礦結構, ( 111 )晶面取向生長; hall效應實驗測量發現薄膜電阻很高,呈p型電導,面電阻率數量級達1010
  3. Equation 13. 3-9 is of the van der pol form.

  4. Van der wals forces between neutral atoms are called dispersion forces.

  5. Chaos controlling and bifurcation of van der pol - duffing system