johnny stecchino中文意思是什麼

johnny stecchino解釋

  • johnny: n. 1. 強尼〈男子名,John的昵稱〉。2. 〈美俚〉=John. 3. 〈口語〉〈j-〉傢伙;紈?子弟。4. 〈j-〉(住院病人穿的)短袖無領罩衫。
  • stecchino: 斯泰基諾

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  1. The yankees didn ' t give him a lead until johnny damon ' s bloop rbi single with one out in the fifth, but wang plugged along

  2. Johnny was about 25, with a face cruelly disfigured by a chemical explosion.

  3. What was interesting about pirates of the caribbean, johnny wore this make up and gold teeth and eye liner and they loved it

  4. . . and sends the jackets ' johnny clay back near the goal line

  5. Johnny : every time when i come to the corner , a guidepost says , “ school ? ? go slow ”

    約翰尼:每當我經過學校附近的拐角處,就見路牌上寫著「學校? ?緩行」 。