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  1. I am very worried for kim jong kook beacuse he looks pale these days

  2. Often see the figure in the slogans, can not understand towards the document, but the impression is deep in those repeated figures, israel among them " 21 " beginning most many slogans, tell me whether the meanings of slogan towards square guides " long live the sun general of kim jong - il in 21st century

    常常看到標語口號中的數字,朝文看不懂,那些重復的數字卻印象深刻,其中以「 21 」開頭的標語口號最多,朝方導游告訴我,口號的意思是「 21世紀的太陽金正日將軍萬歲! 」
  3. The visitors who flocked to our booth included mr. oh, byung - moon, the ex - minister of education ; mr. lee, yang - woo, the ex - superintendent of educational affairs ; kim, jong - tae, the chairman of the kwangju daily newspaper, etc. besides, many people ordered paintings according to their preference

  4. Chugging at a stately pace for thousands of kilometers across russia by train with a 150 person entourage, kim jong il looked like an eccentric aristocrat on an odyssey back in time

  5. What told and wrote above is that " the sun in 21st century is general kim jong - il " to the clan compatriot

    朝族同胞告訴上面寫的是「二十一世紀的太陽是金正日將軍」 。