judicial affairs committee中文意思是什麼

judicial affairs committee解釋

  • judicial: adj 1 司法的,審判上的。2 審判員的;法官的;法院的;法院判決的[規定的]。3 法官似的,符合法官身分...
  • affairs: 經濟部
  • committee: n. 1. 委員會;〈集合詞〉(全體)委員。2. 【法律】受託人,財產代管人,保護人,(白癡等的)監護人。

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  1. The british parliament ' s foreign affairs committee issued its warnings based on six months of hearings and field investigations into the war on terrorism

  2. Financial and economic affairs committee of the npc

  3. Article 70 the national people ' s congress establishes a nationalities committee, a law committee, a finance and economic committee, an education, science, culture and public health committee, a foreign affairs committee, an overseas chinese committee and such other special committees as are necessary

  4. In august 2005, council members met the community affairs committee of kwai tsing district council. there was active discussion with district council members on legal aid issues, such as review of financial eligibility limits, merits test, the scope of legal aid and claims recovery agents

  5. Labor security research laboratory building, labor affairs committee